My house is my home no matter how small

Nearly 3 weeks in now and we are all finding our places in the motorhome to relax and have some time on our own. When there are five of you in a confined space it’s good to have a place of your own.

The PS4 is in our bedroom, it’s where the boys spend most of their time

Jon enjoys a glass of wine on the sofa

When he’s not on the PlayStation Mikey will be on his bunk enjoying Netflix

or enjoying a game on his laptop…

Lester has a few places in the motorhome, usually he is looking out the window, watching the world go by

“Home, where the story begins”

Author: retiredtoexplore

We are retired expats and after 14 years of living and working in Asia have decided to travel Europe as we certainly aren’t ready to settle down and haven’t yet defined what retirement means or looks like and still don’t know where to call home.

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