The Netherlands, Amsterdam


Dank je wel Amsterdam, a couple of days in the Dutch capital has left us exhausted and very full. Walking along the many canals and eating our own body weight in cheese has us feeling very content.

We started at the Van Gogh museum, followed by an enjoyable stroll around the city, we walked from the Rijksmuseum to the flower market and along the canal stopping for coffee along the way.

Jon and I reflected on our last trip here many years ago, pre Joe and Mikey. We had a very different experience back then when we were younger and more carefree. It’s also the place where Jon bought my wedding ring, now we are here with the boys.

Today we started at the Tony Chocolonely shop, where we learnt about this fair trade, anti slavery brand of chocolate. We had great fun sampling the many flavours and choosing our favourites to buy.

We took a drive past the Anne Frank house, it is currently under renovation so unfortunately we couldn’t get tickets to go inside.

Then we took a drive to Volendam, a gorgeous little harbour town to see how they make cheese. We enjoyed a beer at a bar looking out at the bay. The water was completely frozen, it was quite still and eerie.

Finally we went to Edam, yes where the cheese is from.

Vaarwel Amsterdam, we houden van je ❤️

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