Spain, I just died in your arms… Barcelona, Valencia & Madrid

Our Spanish adventure started in a little village just outside Figueres, Catalonia. We pulled into a fabulous campsite, a huge open space surrounded by trees and we came nose to nose with another American RV, imagine our excitement as we spotted a UK license plate too… could there really be another Brit in Europe in an American RV??? On the same campsite???The answer was YES – we didn’t waste any time in heading over to meet Tim & Julie, it was like releasing the floodgates, so many questions and comparisons. Jon immediately engaged Tim’s help to fix our sun canopy, the beers were flowing and it was good to see Jon chewing the fat with a kindred spirit. The following day we headed into Figueres to the Salvador Dali museum, we have visited a lot of museums this past 5 months and I have to say this has been my favourite so far. Back at the campsite we enjoyed an evening discussing travels. In the town square, what a fabulous place…After saying goodbye to our new found friends we headed to Barcelona…Our first stop was Mikey’s No.1 place to visit, La Sagradia FamíliaThe chapel rises up amongst the trees, we drove past and our jaws dropped, it was a wow moment. The workmanship and brilliance of this cathedral is breathtaking. There are many things in Barcelona to wow you, we were lucky to have clear blue skies. A tapas lunch, food for the soulFollowed by a relaxing stroll through the little alleysOur next stop was Valencia…We stayed amongst the olive trees 🌳 An early morning dip on our own little beach 🏝 We made it to Valencia, we found a great campsite just 12km from the city centre. Our friends came to visit from Altea. Happy days….It was wheels up the next morning and time to head to Madrid but on our way we found this incredible campsite on a lakeWe met some more awesome travellers, these guys were on their way to Morocco in a Land Rover, such great company. Madrid was calling…I know I might have said it a couple of times already but.. BUT I think I might have found my favourite city so far, Madrid – what a beautiful city with so much to enjoy…the city was vibrant and full of excitement Brunch…Then came the churros…first the hot fluffy and crispy churros and then comes the rich, dark and warming chocolate, nothing comes close to this combo, I think I just went to heaven The botanic gardens Celebrating Chocolatería San Ginés and all their loveliness The following day Jon surprised me with a trip to the flea marketSpain you were super…sublime…special and mostly scrumptious The Cava, fresh olives, the sunshine, the flowers and happy times Gracias amigos xox

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