Denmark, Copenhagen, København 🇩🇰

A city that feels like a town. A lot like Amsterdam only much cleaner and more beautiful, almost like a fairytale. Very much like Hans Christian Andersen would have created in one of his stories.

The little mermaid perched on her rock, looking for Prince Eric….. with a gazillion tourists crowding her, I can hear Indonesian and American tourists, French and Germans all snapping away. It is stupidly cold, there are gusts of snow and we are all hustling to get a photo next to the delicate little statue. We get caught up in the frenzy and finally rush back to the warmth of the car.

Next on our list are the military ‘Nyboder’ houses, I remember these from the movie, The Danish Girl. The striking yellow paint contrasts the steely grey sky. The houses are stuck in time and the paint is peeling from the bricks.

We’re cooking now and we head to the next must do site on our list, Nyhavn, the iconic Danish houses lining the canal. They look resplendent, the sun is shining and we are ready for a coffee. Probably the most expensive place to get a coffee but the view is simply priceless so we suck it up

A canal boat trip to visit the sights, the opera house, the queen’s residence, it’s all very blah blah blah…..don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about Copenhagen being blah blah blah, it’s more about us and our ‘adventure’. We want this year to be unforgettable and unique so as much as we love the tourist attractions we also want to go off the beaten track and see MORE. Really see what makes Denmark, Denmark.

A trip to a major city wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the food market (you know me and food) so we swing by Torvehallerne for some dinner….

Smörgåsbord = yum !

Ahhh Summerbird……….your beautiful cakes

So I’ll post this and I’ll add a little PS, I promise to give you more and not just the predictable.

Before I go, I recommend this book:

Mikey’s story I

Imagine eating dinner with your family and out of nowhere your Dad asks you to leave everything and everyone behind and travel across Europe for a year.

I had just started in senior school and made some great friends and honestly wasn’t really ready to say goodbye and disappear for a year.

Having been born in Asia and spent my entire life moving from place to place was normal to me but leaving Asia was a big step.

The plan was to leave Singapore by Easter 2016, move to our holiday chalet in Devon and buy an American RV and then set off and have a wonderful year visiting as many countries in Europe as possible. But after some discussion we decided to stay an extra year meaning I had even more time with my newly made friends and Joe could go on his school trip to Australia.

Dad had decided to retire at 50 and we would live in England for a month or two to prepare so we joined a school in Devon called Kingsbridge Community College and I made some great friends very easily thus making it even harder to say goodbye. It was strange moving to a British school because none of my classmates really knew much about Asia. It made me feel like an alien.

I’ve felt like an alien a lot recently considering we are in a new country every week and people must think the circus is in town when they see an eleven meter long RV driving through the streets of St Pol De Lion or Rotterdam. Despite the size of the RV my ‘bedroom’ consists of the top bunk of a bunk bed, a drawer and a shelf for everything I have with me for 12 months. The only thing between me and everyone else for privacy is a £10 IKEA curtain.

But enough complaining, so far I have had a great time learning about loads of stuff from the Second World War to the Bayeux Tapestry. I have also unblocked our toilet twice with a broom!

Being the smallest member of the family I have some unique uses as well…have you ever had to climb inside the engine compartment of a Winnebago Sightseer to find a bracket? If somehow this sounds fun trust me it’s not but I’m the only one that can fit!